If you have any of these skills, you’re wanted in the US, UK and Australia.

If you are considering leaving the economic hardship country for a chance at a better life, it pays to have a plan. Through evidence-based planning, you might be able to significantly  increase your chances at success, thus avoiding the mistakes made by our educated parents who ended up cleaning everything abroad from plates to bums, just to put food on the table.

In the past, graduate immigrants were happy to sweep their degrees under the carpet and take on menial jobs for survival. With the increase in global migration, these low waged jobs have become increasingly difficult to come by, and border controls have become increasingly selective about who is allowed in. These days, people capable of a net positive contribution to foreign economies stand a better chance of entry – gone are the days of “foreign cheap labour”. This makes it necessary for aspiring immigrants to adopt the mindset of “how can I help you?” rather than the staple “what can I get from you?” in the quest for an immigration opportunity.

Many ‘advanced’ countries are experiencing shortages of professionals skilled in certain areas, and as such have designed programs to encourage qualified candidates to come over and work in these areas. In 2014, the Australian Industry Group released its submission to the government on boosting the immigration intake by 30,000 a year to “meet skills shortages”. If you’re lucky enough to possess some of the skills on the ‘endangered skills list’, you won’t need to struggle for a visa, instead you will be selective over which visa to pick. In addition, most countries allow you apply for citizenship after a qualifying period.

This list (not in order of demand) highlights 5 skills which could potentially earn you an embrace from the country of your choice, increasing your chances of earning a residence visa there.

1. Computer Programming/Web Development

Image credit : Tirza Van Dijk / Unsplah

Image credit : Tirza Van Dijk / Unsplah

The United States offers a  H1-B visa scheme which allows US companies to employ foreign workers in specialty occupations that require technical expertise in specialized fields such as in architecture, engineering, mathematics, science, and medicine. Under the H1-B visa, a US company can employ a foreign worker for up to 6 years. This visa is usually applied for by the employer, so it pays to be really good at what you do. Gain quality experience, and then expand your job search – don’t be scared of applying for jobs further afield.

In France, there’s a general industry shortage of IT professionals. Versatile and experienced Web Developers, especially those skilled in Oracle, Linux, PHP, SAP, Java and other programming languages are in short supply. While the French also need nurses and engineers, if you are a good coder, you won’t just be staring at the Eiffel, you will be on your way to accumulating Euros as well.


2. 2D and 3D AnimatorsScreen Shot 2016-05-08 at 19.00.29

There’s a huge skill shortage in this area, spanning across several industries – television, film, video games, the web. Those talented in virtual effects, 2D and 3D animations can easily set up camp in the UK with their unusual skills. Animators even have the option of working  remotely, while commanding salaries of around £35,000 per annum.

3. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

Image credit: Karen Neoh

Image credit: Karen Neoh

If you are a technical person who doesn’t fancy flying, being part of an aircraft maintenance team might be worth a consideration. There’s a proven shortage of licensed maintenance engineers and inspectors. Safety is a key feature in the aircraft business and these guys are always seeking qualified and passionate people. Maintenance engineers fix faults; do all forms of regular checks just so you have a safe flight. The salaries differ depending on the country but you would be sure to get an offer in most developed countries.


4. Accountants and financial auditors

In Nova Scotia, Canada, there is a huge demand for chartered accountants with 800+ new positions predicted in the 5 years prior to 2016 as a result of retirements and growth. Salaries range between $16 and $49 per hour, and the province boasts a maximum commuting time of 16 minutes from any part of the province to work. Once you have a job offer from an employer in the province, it is smooth sailing and the Nova Scotia Immigration Website provides a helpful guide on immigrating.

You can download a handy guide on other jobs in high demand in Nova Scotia here.

5. Medical Professionals


Image credit: Jeff Eaton / Flickr

These vary for different countries. In New Zealand, medical professionals and lecturers are in demand and it is even under their long term skill shortage list. The US and the UK place a premium on specialist nurses to help manage patients with various sorts of illnesses. Other medical specialists such as medical radiographers and specialist surgeons are also in high demand.


Conclusively, there are various fundamental reasons why these skills are not as matched as others. It might just be a mismatch in the region, lack of interest from the local talent pool, a cyclical shift or due to any other reason. Aside these skills discussed, there are several others in high demand, such as construction workers, professional data analysts and social workers. The employment space as a whole is complex and different for each country. Some disciplines are just too competitive. With the required knowledge and experience in these career paths, you would increase your chance of getting employed considerably.




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