How to make money reviewing websites

With the explosive growth of the internet over the decades and the time prior, there have been so many questions about how an individual can make money online, and in accordance with reputation, the internet has not disappointed either. With so many different ideas and concepts that let people earn right from their couch, it’s become a lifestyle of its own.

One of the many awesome ways to make money online today is WEBSITE REVIEWING; simply put, this allows you to make money for providing feedback on the design, messaging and general performance of a website, and you get paid (sometimes as much as 10 US Dollars) for each website reviewed. Does this sound like fun? Then read on.

One of the platforms that do a great job with that is Usertesting. It allows you to sign up and review websites in exchange for money, and will be our point of reference as we dig into how to make money reviewing websites.

Let Us Begin – Making money reviewing websites

In order to earn on this job, it is recommended you join a platform like It is not compulsory, though, but that’s where most of the jobs go, unless you want to spend months scouring the internet for leftovers. There are many services out there that let you do this, but again, we will be using for the purpose of focus.

Let us go right into it in stages.

Stage 1: Sign up

You can do this by simply going to the website’s user tester section and quickly signing up with your contact information.


You will be sent an email to guide you through the process of completing the signup process. This will include:

Apply to be a tester -

Downloading and installing the User Testing Screen recording software

This is a software that guides you through the other steps in registration and also is your workstation that records your work sessions and sends it back to User Testing. In other words, it keeps track of your work activities.

Stage 2: Sample Tests

Don’t panic, this is just a simple way for User Testing to verify that you are good to go on testing websites and apps.

The test requires you to make a quick video about reviewing a website, the application tests your PC sound quality and work quality too. There are some existing tips and samples that will help you do a nice work in the tests.

But simply put, you have to;

  • Follow instructions to the faintest detail.
  • Think out loud during the review sessions.

The second is due to the fact that the Screen Recorder captures your audio feedback too, which is part of the feedback process.

You can find them on the page, and a sample Youtube video to show you an ideal testing activity to learn from.

Note: you will have to improve your skill in reviewing as time goes on in order to qualify for more and more reviewing jobs, this is accomplished by looking up tutorials and sample works online to guide you to improvement.

Begin Testing -

Stage 3: Get review jobs

This is where the fun begins. Once you have been approved after the testing, you are now allowed to review websites on your own.

At this stage, you start to get review alerts to handle, on a good day, you may get up to 3 or 4 websites to review, and given that each session can last about 15 minutes or less, will represent a nice return for your 10 US Dollar average payment per website reviewed.

For each job you get, you will need to;

  • Do it in a quiet environment where your voice is dominant, so that your opinions can be gotten clearly.
  • Think out loud; this allows your opinion to be taken into account more accurately.
  • Only open windows you want to have recorded.

Step 4: Get paid

This is the golden part. Like many platforms, User Testing pays you for each review, but this needs a maturity period of seven days, and during this time, the client can reject your work if they find it unsatisfactory and you will not get paid on that occasion.

User Testing pays out mainly through Paypal and so you are required to have a Paypal account to have access to your payment.

Ready to go?

Website reviewing is a fun and flexible way to earn some income, and there are so many different platforms on the internet that will pay you to do reviews, the keys are to build on your performance, find more and more platforms to join, after that, it’s all golden.


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