The changing face of the property business in Nigeria

Up until quite recently, buying, selling and renting property in Nigeria began and ended face-to-face. There were very few websites where one could regularly search and view pictures and details of  the latest properties in Nigeria. The lack of digital infrastructure meant that a few companies like Diya Fatmilehin dominated the property industry for decades, dealing in the property business offline. One quickly got familiar with their logo displayed on the “For sale” signs on houses around Lagos, which provided  the general assurance that one would not find that one had paid “agency fees” to an 18 year old boy a laptop and a baba-in-crime.

Over the last 5 years or so, the Nigerian property online tradition has transitioned from “Call for details” to “Click here for more photos” . With the advent of accessible internet and online classified advertising websites, competition is driving property advertisers to be less information-shy in their advertisements, in order not to “carry last”… as it is only a matter of clicks until the potential customer finds what they are looking for. Here are a few Nigerian property search engines, and what MrPepe thinks of them:

If your website isn’t listed, please e-mail, and I’ll add it to the list.


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