Companies that help you send your goods abroad for export

If you run a Google search on “how to start an importation business in Nigeria” you will receive an unprecedented amount of free and paid content – guides, ebooks, discussions etc. This is in the midst of a  falling currency, which experts say is influenced by the country’s overdependence on “oil money” and imports.

Experts suggest that to reverse the trend, we need to export more products and services. Just the other day, a Facebook contact in Ukraine requested links to Nigerian cocoa exporters. Never one to let a chance to earn extra income slide, I maximised the opportunity and made some calls to get cocoa suppliers but was unable to find any before the deadline.

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If you are wondering what else can be exported, here’s a list of 50 things you can export from Nigeria. One Twitter overlord broke down in this piece how the global demand for cashew nuts is helping people build and roof storey buildings in Kogi state.

So if you’ve remembered one product that you have access to, and are wondering how to actually carry out the logistics part of it from Nigeria to “the overseas”, I have done some of the hard work for you. I have looked into postal/courier services for exportation and have found their prices.

First we need to consider the modes of transportation possible.

By sea or air?

There are two main ways of moving goods across countries; sea and air. The third option – sending goods by road is more applicable for closer destinations. Sending by air is the fastest and most expensive. Sea shipping is generally slower, cheaper and more often used for bigger goods. The nature and urgency will influence the decision of going by sea or air.

Postal/ shipping services

One of the first things to find out before exporting is if your product is on the prohibition list. This is a list of items prohibited from exporting out of Nigeria. Once your product is not on that list, then you are free to export. The weight of the goods determines the price of exporting. Also, the bulkier the goods, the cheaper it is to export. For example, exporting a full container will be cheaper overall than exporting the product in separate packs of 10kg.

Other general exportation guidelines can be found on the Nigerian Export Promotion Council page. I contacted some international transportation/logistics company on their charges for exporting goods from Nigeria. Below are my findings;


I spoke with a customer care representative about price for sending items abroad. I was told that price estimates depend on export destination (in some cases, down to exact city) and weight. On further query, I was told the amount to send the following weight of items to the US and UK.

United States

5kg – ₦60,450

10kg – ₦96,600

100kg – ₦714,087

United Kingdom

5kg – ₦45,320

10kg – ₦75,550

100kg – ₦478,744

The 100kg in the UK category is for a delivery to Liverpool. These prices are meant to serve as a guide and can be changed at any instant. For further help in getting a price quote, you can use the price quote link or contact DHL on 01-2700908.

Chibyke Global

Chibyke Global is a shipping/logistics company in Lagos state.  They handle all your freight documentation, packaging and shipping for a price. Their price schemes are dependent on weight of the goods and goes as follows;

1kg-10kg – $15 per kg

11kg-50kg – $10 per kg

60kg-100kg – $8 per kg

100kg and above – $7 per kg

All price includes freight and custom clearance. To contact Chibyke Global, call customer care on +2348023980783 or visit their website.


Charted coast is another shipping/logistics also based in Lagos. Their price schemes are included on their website and is written below;

China and Dubai – $5.5 per kg, ₦580 per kg for custom clearance.

Other Asia – $7 per kg,

US – $5.5 per lbs (freight and custom clearance)

Europe – $7 per kg, ₦580 per kg for custom clearance

Africa – $7 per kg, ₦580 per kg custom clearance

For more inquiries, email Chartedcoast on or call 07039281748.

This is just but a few of the many companies that can help you export your goods abroad. The prices provided above are subject to change.

Have any experience exporting from Nigeria? kindly share with us.




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