Free Biz Idea #2: Make $1240/month selling educational kits to well-to-do parents

Kids spend too much time on the internet and screen devices. Research shows that one of the most pressing problems that parents have is too much screen time. Apparently, 71% of parents are worried about the amount of screen time their kids are consuming. You can make money from this.

You will make money by selling educational kits to parents who are willing to pay to reduce their kids’ screen time. These kits will help kids become smarter without damaging their eyes (This is also your marketing angle by the way!)

How much can you make from selling kids educational kits?

Let’s start with 30 pieces to keep our budget low. 

30 pcs kids educational kits: $180

If we assume that delivery is $100, the cost per unit is $9.30. (Obviously, you will need to adjust these numbers depending on your discussion with suppliers)

Selling price: $30 per unit + delivery

This is the rough amount that these kits sell for on websites. 

See examples:

Figure (Cost price and Site selling price)

For all 30 units, you should be able to make $900 ($620 profit)

Even if you hit an additional $170 in unexpected fees, you can still make 100% profit on this. 

If you sell 60 pieces of this each month, that’s $1240 profit each month. Sell different types to your core customers because each parent can buy multiple sets.

How to sell educational kids kits with zero marketing spend

Here’s the minimum you will need to make this work:

  1. Time
  2. Approximately $280
  3. Register with Aliexpress and Made-In-China
  4. Phone/Laptop
  5. Internet Connection 
  6. Single-page e-commerce software such as Webflow or Funnelish
  7. Familiarity with Instagram

How you will sell these products with $0 marketing money

I believe in finding at least 2 paying customers before making any money moves. Here’s how you will test the market:

Quickly research your market

Set up your attractive profile

  • Register a nice educational account on Instagram  (Personalized names like “jennifersclass”, “paulsinsitute” etc are likely to work).
  • Create a logo for your chosen name to appear professional
  • Post pictures, videos, educational content on Instagram. You can find pictures of kits on Aliexpress and Made-In-China* 

Target your audience on Instagram

  • Find the most expensive schools in your area and follow them on Instagram
  • Go to their follower list and follow each and every one of their followers
  • Engage with them. Like and comment on their posts and until they follow you back

Launch your educational kit campaign

  • Once you get to 200 followers, launch your first campaign
  • Select the most liked item on your new Instagram account
  • Create a single item product page with Funnelish. Funnelish is free for 7 days, so you want to time this correctly. If you get 3 sales within your free period, then you know that you can pay the $39/monthly fee as it is cheaper than paying rent in a physical store.
  • Offer customers 10% off if they buy in 24 hours
  • Once you get 2 paid orders, order from your supplier. Your idea is validated. Rinse and repeat. 

Enjoy your money. If you try this out and run into any roadblocks, let us know in the comments and we’ll figure out how to help.


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