Free Biz Idea #3: Make $1350/month as a social media manager

Every business needs a social media presence. Whether it is for finding new customers, offering customer service, or just keeping the lights on, social media has evolved to become a crucial feature of most businesses today. But social media management requires consistency – which takes time.

You can make money by helping businesses manage their social media accounts.


Social media management prices vary.

On average, full-time social media managers charge around $150 per month, per social media account. And most companies don’t just have one social media account. At the bare minimum, there’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

So say for example, your target company had 3 social media pages, you would charge around $450/monthly to manage each of them.

If you had 3 clients with exactly the same requirements, that’s $1350 per month. And people are doing it. this isn’t rocket science, and it doesn’t require any special skills beyond being able to write well, in the language of your clients.

Plus you can get clients from anywhere. This person for example charges $475 to manage 3 social media accounts, and they have 12 orders pending on Fiverr.

how to manage social media

And you don’t even need any crazy skills to manage social media for businesses. In fact, here’s what you will need:


  1. Phone or Computer with Internet Connection
  2. Time
  3. Social media scheduling tool such as SocialPilot. These scheduling tools always tend to have a free trial period which you can take advantage of until you start getting recurring paying customers. Social Pilot, for example offers a free 14-day trial and charges you $25.50 to schedule posts for 10 social media accounts.
  4. Youtube and an ability to learn quickly

How you will sell your social media management services

  • Find out where your customers are and make your presence known. Join the social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, LinkedIn, etc)
  • Share knowledgeable posts about the art of communication and social media marketing to show that you know what you’re doing. Rather than share posts like “Social media management services for $150” create and share posts like “How to write the perfect Instagram bio for your eCommerce store”.
  • Look for companies that aren’t using their social media presences to full potential (irregular posts, poor engagement, etc) and follow them.
  • Engage with their posts until you seem familiar
  • Then pitch your services directly.
  • Whatever you don’t know, you can learn on Youtube.

This is simple, easily executed idea. You don’t need a lot of money to test this.

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