Make $1000 per web design client through verified partnerships

So many talented web designers find themselves always chasing their next clients. It’s not easy not to know where your next client or project will come from, so this strategy is for those who want to enjoy a constant stream of client referrals.

They say if you want to get somewhere fast, follow someone who knows the way.

  • If you want to help businesses get seen on Google, register on Google’s internal caucus (if they have one) as a verified Google partner.
  • If you use WordPress to build websites, and WordPress has a professional job board – register there as a verified partner.
  • If it’s Webflow you use, register on Webflow as a verified partner.

I don’t think Google and WordPress have these services, but I know that Webflow does.

Webflow is a piece of software that anyone can use to create and launch websites very quickly.

A verified partner is someone that Webflow vouches for and recommends clients to. For example, Designjoy is a Webflow verified partner:

They charge $2,499 per client, per month. You can easily charge half of this by following the steps to be recommended to Webflow’s internal client base:

Here’s all you will need to register:

  1. Pass the HTML/CSS certification exams. Don’t know HTML? Learn on Youtube
  2. Complete 3 client websites. You can easily find 3 people who need websites and charge a nominal fee.
  3. Create your own website and mention that you offer Webflow design services for others.
  4. You have satisfied the requirements. Apply.

You can actually read all the requirements here

Especially if you have the skills to execute this idea, treat it like no one else has seen it. Because 90% of people who read this are too lazy to execute even when they see that 5 regular paying clients will set them up for life.

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