Save yourself unneccessary fines – the new Lagos state traffic laws, simplified.

Original, government version download:  lagos_traffic_law

Unofficial, condensed MrPepe version:  Lagos Traffic Laws MrPepe’s Condensed version


In response to the long standing problem of traffic in Lagos, the Lagos State government recently released a set of rules, regulations and puishments governing vehicles/vehicle owners driving within the Lagos axis. (There’s a shortened MrPepe version, which can downloaded at the bottom of this page). The 59-page document covers commercial vehicles, personal vehicles and  motorcycles, and reactions to these laws have been varied so far. Some aspects of the law have bee embraced, such as the ban on drink driving (even though it begs the question as to whether this has been acceptable all along?), the prohibition of motorcycles on certain routes, and the ban on driving against the flow of traffic. A few issues have been raised also, such as how to verify the ages of suspected under-18’s driving motorcycles (valid point), and also the practicality of an 18,000 naira fine where the minimum wage is 30,000 naira. One blogger observes that certain offences are routinely commited by those in power, and uniformed officials. “Where do we report them?” she muses.  In response to this,LASTMA general manager, Babatude Edu has published contact details for citizens wanting to report gross violations, urging them to get in touch by  text  (08023386921) or e-mail : This could prove useful for witnesses to hit-and-run-offences, for instance.

Overall, the development seems quite welcome within the Lagos community. The 59-page document is poorly formatted in many areas,






writhe with grammatical errors, typographical errors, poor sentence construction. As a graduate, I found sentences (such as this on Pg 3) quite difficult to understand. How are the  poor okada drivers supposed to relate to this?

This inevitably highlights a need for a proofreader/editor within the governing body (which MrPepe hopes some smart freelance graduate recognises, and addresses) we have spent some time condensing the  booklet into simpler English, for your benefit.


  • Don’t drive in the wrong direction
  • Don’t park, or wait on the highway
  • Don’t use sirens or horns, during certain times, and in certain areas.
  • Lagos traffic officers have a right to demand a psychiatric evaluation from you, if you drive against the normal flow of traffic, or violate traffic rules. Costs of which will be borne by you, the offender.
  • Lagos traffic officers have a right to arrest offenders, and demand fines from them
  • During peak periods (6am – 10am, & 4pm – 9pm), the sides of certain roads will be used as designated bus routes. Offenders will be prosecuted.


  • Trailers (except petrol trailers & people carriers) must not enter/travel within Lagos between 6am – 9pm. Offenders will be fined N50,000 or serve a 6 month prison term.

Okadas & Keke Marwas

  • Don’t drive either without a rider card or crash helmet.
  • Passengers must have crash helmets.
  • Okadas must not cary over 1 passenger. Okadas must not carry pregnant women, children under 12, or adults with babies/large loads. Failure to comply with any of the above = 3 years imprisonment and vehicle seizure for both driver and passengers over 12.

Traffic signs

  • Don’t drive in the wrong direction. 1 year prison sentence for first-time offenders, and 3 year prison sentence for 2nd time offenders. All offenders will have their vehicles seized, and biometric data captured.

Abandoned vehicles

  • The authorities have power to remove abandoned vehicles at their own discretion.

Careless driving

  • Careless drivers are liable to pay a N50,000 fine, or N100,000 for second time offenders and/or a 3-month jail sentence.
  • Driving above the speed limit and drunk driving both attract a N100,000 fine and/or a 2 year jail term
  • Killing someone through dangerous driving attracts a 7 year jail term.

Misuse of identification marks & license plates

  • Don’t forge, use anyone else’s or deface your license plate


  • Don’t drive on BRT lanes
  • Don’t use a siren
  • Don’t park within 15 metres of a road intersection
  • Drivers & Conductors must wear state uniforms
  • Don’t herd animals on the road.
  • Don’t drive an unregistered vehicle

Page 10

Your duties in the event of an accident. The driver (if still alive) must:

  • stop the vehicle
  • give the police both his, and the injured party’s details
  • inform the veicle owner know
  • offer medical attention, and take the injured party to the hospital
  • report the accident to the nearest police station within 24 hours
  • not refuse to give your details to the police.

Commercial vehicles

  • Don’t overload. Both vehicle owner and driver are liable.
  • Don’t use your vehicle for other purposes than intended.
  • Officers must not receive any bribes to circumvent these laws.


Offence Points Fine Additional
Violation of routes (commercial vehicles) 2 The LASTMA document seems to require payment from first offenders in nzu (by the thousands). Subsequent offenders are fined N30,000
Failure to display route numbers on vehicle 2 1st– N20,000Subsequent – N30,000
Disobeying traffic personnel 2 1st– N20,000Subsequent – N30,000 Impound vehicle
Illegal parking(Cars & Trailers) 4 1st– N20,000Subsequent – N30,000
Crossing the double yellow line 4 1st– N20,000Subsequent – N30,000
Staying within the yellow junction bo 3 1st– N20,000Subsequent – N30,000
Failure to stop at pedestrian crossings 3 1st– N20,000Subsequent – N30,000
Failure to give way to traffic on the left, at a roundabout 2 1st– N20,000Subsequent – N30,000
Smoking while driving 2 1st– N20,000Subsequent – N30,000


Offence Points Fine Additional
No  helmet 1 1st– N20,000Subsequent – N30,000 + 6months jail term
No riders permit 2 1st– N20,000Subsequent – N30,000 Impound your okada
Riding against the direction of traffic, or on the kerb 3 1st– N20,000Subsequent – N30,000 Impound your okada
Carrying more than 1 passenger 2 1st– N20,000Subsequent – N30,000 6 months jail term
Installing a musical device 2 1st– N20,000Subsequent – N30,000 Impound your device
Pimping your okada 2 1st– N20,000Subsequent – N30,000
Refusing to be arrested 1st– N20,000Subsequent – N30,000
No side mirrors, indicators, brake lights or rear lights 2 1st– N20,000Subsequent – N30,000
Carrying pregnant woman, child under 12, or adult with baby 3 1st– N20,000Subsequent – N30,000 3 year jail term
Underage okada driver (under 18) 1st– N20,000Subsequent – N30,000 Dislodge driver (whatever that means)
Okada using non-okada horn 1 1st– N20,000Subsequent – N30,000 Remove horn
Driving an okada in a restricted area 3 1st– N20,000Subsequent – N30,000 Impound okada

It doesn’t say, but I’m guessing these are for commercial vehicles

Offence Points Fine Additional
Exceeding speed limit 2 N100,000 1 year jail term
Tailgating an emergency vehicle 3 1st– N20,000Subsequent – N30,000
Failure of slow moving vehicles to keep to the right lane 2 1st– N20,000Subsequent – N30,000
Physically assaulting traffic official 3 N100,000 3 year jail term
Driving in the wrong direction 4 Seize vehicle 1stoffender – 1 year jail termSubsequent offender – 3 year jail term
Illegal U-turn 3 1st– N20,000Subsequent – N30,000 Training
Wrongful overtaking 2 N100,000
Overloading (commercial vehicles) 4 N50,000 Dislodge excess
Driving on kerbs 4 N50,000
Parking on kerbs 3 N20,000
Parking/stopping to pick passengers on highway (commercial vehicles) 3 N20,000 Training
Abandoned vehicle on highway 2 N50,000 Cost of towing
Broken down vehicle causing obstruction o highway 2 N50,000; Cost of towing
Commuter/Conductor hanging on vehicle tailboard 2 1st– N20,000Subsequent – N30,000 Dislodge & sanction driver
Driving with doors left open 2 1st– N20,000Subsequent – N30,000
Making/receiving calls without a handsfree kit 2 1st– N20,000Subsequent – N30,000
Counting money/engaged in other activities while driving 2
No seatbelt 2 1st– N20,000Subsequent – N30,000 Strap on seatbelt
Not displaying reflective warning signs on broken down vehicles 2 1st– N20,000Subsequent – N30,000
Resisting arrest 2 1st– N20,000Subsequent – N30,000
Use of BRT Lite corridor 3 1st– N20,000Subsequent – N30,000  3 year jail term
Willfully obstructing the highway 2 N50,000; cost of towing 1 year jail term

Here’s a downloable copy of the MrPepe version for your convenience. Lagos Traffic Laws MrPepe’s Condensed version


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