Free Biz Idea #4: Make $2270/month selling windshield repair kits to drivers

The problem with windshield cracks is that once a crack on your windshied goes unaddressed, it gets bigger and bigger until it fills the screen – and windscreens can be expensive to replace.

You will make money by selling windscreen repair kits to drivers of nice cars that at least have a small crack. Your ideal customer probably cares about how their car looks, and wants to maintain their cars as much as posssible without spending too much.

How much can you make by selling windscreen repair kits?

Let’s start with 50 pieces to keep our budget low. 

These kits sell for $2.60 each on Aliexpress. You can buy 50 pcs for $130.

If we assume that delivery is $100, the cost per unit is $4.60. (Obviously, you will need to adjust these numbers depending on your discussion with your supplier)

Selling price: $15 per unit + delivery

Installation costs: $50 Installation + service fee

If you choosee to sell all 50 pieces, you will make ($750 – $230 = $520 profit)

If you choose to install all 50 pieces, you will make ($2500 – $230 = $2270 profit)

You can choose half-and-half and just specialize in carrying out windscreen repairs and also selling the kits to save people money.

Here’s what you need to make this work:

  1. Time
  2. Approximately $230
  3. Register with Aliexpress and Made-In-China
  4. Phone/Laptop
  5. Internet Connection
  6. Instagram account

How you will sell these products with $0 marketing money

I believe in finding at least 2 paying customers before making any money moves. Here’s how you will test the market:


Create an attractive profile

  • Register a nice car Instagram account on Instagram with a personalized names like “windscreenexperts”, “ifixyourwindscreen” etc
  • Use Canva to quickly create a logo and appear professional
  • Reach out to your social media network and ask someone to fix their windscreen for half-price in exchange for before and after photos.
  • Put these photos on your Instagram

Target car owners on Instagram

  • Find car dealers, Uber and bolt drivers etc and follow them on Instagram
  • Go to their follower list and follow each and every one of their followers
  • Engage with them. Like and comment on their posts and until they follow you back

Launch your campaign

  • Once you get to 50 followers, launch your first campaign
  • Offer 10% off kits and 20% off repair services

Skyrocket sales

  • Once you have sold your first 50, you are ready to go statewide with this business.
  • Create a single item product page with Funnelish. Funnelish is free for 7 days, so you want to time this correctly. If you get 3 sales within your free period, then you know that you can pay the $39/monthly fee as it is cheaper than paying for a store.
  • Keep posting before/after photos of your customers cars
  • Hire ‘fixers’ in exchange for 30% commission so that you can reach more people

Enjoy your money. If you try this out and run into any roadblocks, let us know in the comments and we’ll figure out how to help.


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