Free Biz Idea #1: Charge Instagram sellers to create and manage their websites

Grace lives in a densely populated city with a unique shopping culture. She makes at least $2500 every month by selling baby clothes on Instagram. She loves Instagram because her strategy works. She imports baby outing clothes from Aliexpress, takes pictures of them and posts no less than 10 times every day.

Grace the Instagram seller’s problem

This is the process she uses to accept payments from each customer.

  • Her customers DM her to buy
  • She sends them account details
  • They pay directly to her bank account
  • She confirms the payment in her bank app
  • She sends the items using local delivery services

Five steps for one sale. While Grace’s business is very profitable, it takes a lot of work and consumes most of her time as you can see. Especially as Grace manages everything herself and doesn’t have an assistant.

How you can make Grace’s life easier

The thing is that if Grace had a working website where her customers could place orders, she wouldn’t have to do the 5 things above. All Grace has to do is put a link to her sale items inside her bio. You can create, sell and manage working websites to thousands of “Graces” who are already making money on Instagram.

This could be your sales pitch when you contact them. Here’s how you can charge Instagram sellers like Grace to create and manage their websites.

What you need:

  1. Time
  2. Laptop/Computer
  3. Internet Connection 
  4. Software such as Webflow, Shopify or Clickfunnels
  5. Fast learning skills
  6. Can-do attitude

Marketing: I believe in finding at least 2 paying customers before making any moves – especially with money.

  • Find 40 – 50 Instagram sellers likely to need your services.
  • Put all their details in one Excel sheet
  • Engage with their posts, and then send them a message
  • The first person you contact probably won’t turn out to be a customer, but improve your message after each rejection

Once you get your first customer, it’s time to move on to the next phase. Delivering the goods:

  • Agree on a price with your customer. Let your new customer know how much you want to charge for saving them time. If you need a rough figure, people charge around $200 – $350 for this type of work on Fiverr. Because you’ll be managing the store as well (adding/removing products, updating promotions, etc) you could charge the lower end in exchange for reasonable monthly fee. For example, you could charge $200 initial and $50 monthly. With 4 new clients each month, this is $800 per month and $200 monthly recurring income.
  • Register for shop-building software such as Shopify, or Webflow. If you’re having problems, Youtube is a great resource to find answers to every question you have.
  • Practice makes perfect.

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