Wells Fargo is offering up to $500,000 to FinTech Startups

Wells Fargo, the US-based financial institution is accepting applicants on its accelerator program, which aims to provide up to $500,000 in funding as well as mentorship to startups in the financial services technology space.

Previous successful recipients of the fund include EyeVerify an eye-scanning biometric security feature, and  Kasisto, a mobile virtual specialist for finance and commerce.

The program is open globally to the best ideas wherever they come from in the world. So, if your team is working on the next big idea in Financial Technology, please consider applying by June 26. It is a 6-month accelerator program, for which WellFargo would require a minority stake in the company.

To find out more information on the program, please visit the Wells Fargo Startup Accelerator site.

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