Free Course via e-mail: Quick training for managers


You will need to register on the site via e-mail, but you will get sent a 5-part module containing the following topics:

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Part 1
“How To Make Things Happen In The Workplace”

Introduction to the course
How to complete each session of the course
Making things happen – what to do and how to do it
How BIG is your thinking?
Are you a proactive or reactive leader?
Are you planning for success or failure?
Taking action at work!
How to be a pioneer and come out with new ideas

Part 2
“The TOP Managers Have Great Communication Skills”

Introduction to the session
Why are excellent communication skills so important?
How effective are your communication skills?
Learn how to communicate a vision, strategy and team plan
Learn how to make effortless rapport from the cleaner
all the way up to the chairman
Networking – why do it? are you doing it? are you any good at it?
How to make great presentations

Part 3
“Understanding others, motivating and being positive”


Introduction to the session
Do you understand what makes other people tick?
What about your team?
Looking out for the signals from other people and learn how to understand their world
Motivating others – should YOU do it? can you do it? are you doing it?
How to have a positive mental attitude no matter what!

Part 4
“Personal improvement, understanding yourself & your self image”

Introduction to the session
Your personal improvement plan
Do you understand yourself? Your motivations? Your values? Your standards?
What is the view of the world according to you?
Learn how to play to and maximise your strengths
Learn how to minimise your weaknesses and improve upon
Learn how to overcome your fears
Learn how to beat stress once and for all!
What is your self image telling others?
Your personal appearance masterplan

Part 5
“Seeking good counsel and giving yourself the best
chance of success”


Introduction to the session
The value of seeking good counsel
Who is in your mastermind team?
Who coaches # 1?
Getting results through others
Using think tanks, support and feedback for success
How to fulfill your needs


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