Paint a 3-bedroom flat for N6,000

I came across this offer by a small business on Facebook. I’m not bothered about the size of the business to be honest, I would happily take them up on the offer if I needed such a job done. My only concern is not being able to see photos of previous jobs. At the end of the day, everyone wants a good quality job done at the best price. Personally, I have a problem with bad paint jobs, where painters REFUSE to adhere to straight lines.

This is a common problem in Nigeria. It is disappointing (to say the least) to fantastically constructed mansions, and you look up once inside, only to notice that some of the white wall paint has crossed over to the door. In my opinion, that’s a fee deductible offence – but that’s my opinion. Anyway, if you give this guy a try, post us some pictures, and let’s see if it’s worth it. Here’s a link to the offer:

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