Here is how I renewed my driver’s licence without ‘greasing palms’

If you’re not from these parts, you might wonder what the big deal is with getting a driver’s license ‘without greasing palms’. You see the service is basic but some offices will offer to quicken the process for a fee. A fee that doesn’t come with a receipt. Some people pay and others (like my friend above); choose to do the right thing. This is what makes this next story I say on social media so unique. Bayo (@bharyour on Twitter) provided a step-by-step account of how he renewed his driver’s licence. Everything went in record time and he didn’t have to grease any palms.

According to him, all he had to do was follow the procedures listed on the FRSC website. He read the FAQ properly and filled the online form. After that, he got his printout and proceeded to the FRSC office on Lagos Island to complete the process.

He was asked to pay ₦1,000 (don’t raise your eyebrows yet). A fee they explained was for a short test and CD. The officials issued him a receipt to confirm payment. The process included some data entry before they asked him to come later for ‘documentation’.

Everything happened under 30 minutes and was as seamless as streaming YouTube on a 4G network.

It’s good to know change is starting from some of our offices.

I await the concluding part of this epic journey and can’t wait to share it with you.

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