School enterprise competition/challenge

School Enterprise Challenge 2012 is a global competition for schools to set up their own student-led enterprise, offer young people valuable hands-on business experience, and inspire a new generation of socially responsible entrepreneurs.


“Participation has changed our lives and provided a new orientation for the future of the JR School” – JR School, Mauritius. 2011 Global Winners.
What’s more, it’s a great opportunity for schools to generate additional income and win some fantastic prizes, including:
  • $30,000: for the winning school enterprises
  • $10,000: for the top school business plans.
  • $2,000: for the best overall teacher.
  • A Laptop: for the best overall student.

With international, regional & country prizes, every school’s in with a chance no matter where in the world it is!


Last year’s competition saw almost 600 schools enter an incredible number and variety of businesses – from bag making to mushroom cultivation to furniture repair.


But, to build on this success & benefit even more young people, we need your help!
  1. Sign up for the Challenge – get your school or your child’s school to take part
  2. Forward this mail – spread the word about the Challenge
  3. Champion the Challenge in your country by becoming a Promotional Partner

 Next Steps

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