How to register for Uber taxis Lagos, and make ₦250,000 a month


I was talking to a friend who had recently fallen on hard times, and had come to me for advice. Earlier this year, his wife passed away in childbirth leaving behind 3 young children. He has been struggling financially since then, and although well educated, he hadn’t been able to get a steady stream of income. He told me that he just wanted a venture which could just help him get back on his feet and back into his car business. After some consideration, I suggested to him the option of driving an Uber taxi in Lagos, which he seemed quite welcome to.

What is Uber?

Here’s a video (courtesy Rosemary Abang from TechSavvie) showing how to use the service:

Uber is a technologically-driven taxi company which helps customers hail comfortable taxis from anywhere, using just a smartphone application. The customer downloads the Uber app on his/her phone and when a taxi is required, just pushes a button to request one. Using a special algorithm, the app then matches the customer to the nearest pre-verified taxi and provides a fare estimate. The app also automatically charges the customers registered card and the driver also gets paid directly into his bank account weekly, so no cash ever needs to be exchanged. After the ride, the customer receives a fare breakdown by e-mail.


How people make money through Uber

Uber provides just the software to connect drivers with riders, and so the company doesn’t own any vehicles. This is where partnership comes in. People make money on the Uber platform by driving their cars themselves and picking up Uber customers, or putting a fleet of cars on the Uber network and hiring drivers to drive them. The easiest and most affordable way to do it is to drive for yourself on Uber.

It is a great earning opportunity as you as a driver are self-employed and as such,you have complete control over what hours you work.  You can adjust your availability to suit you, and the company only sends you customers during your available hours. There is also no need to haggle prices with customers as fare prices are determined by the app, and are automatically calculated based on the distance and time. Uber takes a 20% commission and credits your bank account at the end of each week or month with your earnings. One driver confirmed guaranteed bookings of a minimum of 7 jobs each day, but an actual outcome of about 14 jobs by the end of the day. Assuming an average fare of ₦1,500 per ride, this translates to ₦100,800 per week (after commissions) for a driver working 6 days a week. While this is a “guesstimate”, the driver I spoke to reported earnings of about ₦110,000 weekly after commissions. He reported a monthly net income of between ₦240,000 and ₦260,000 after paying approximately ₦112,000 monthly for petrol and ₦60,000 monthly for insurance and maintenance expenses. Obviously, non-owner drivers should expect a lower net income after car rental/leasing costs.

[Update August 2016: The earnings reported below were reported around October 2015 with one of the first set of partners. A net profit of 100,000 to ₦200,000 is more realistic around now)

You will be able to access full payment statements in your driver area which looks like this:

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 11.30.21

How do I register as an Uber partner in Lagos?

You can register on the Uber network as:

a.) A driver with no access to a vehicle

b.) A vehicle owner who wants to drive

c.) A vehicle owner planning to employ someone to drive

If you are registering with a vehicle as b or c, you will need a scanned copy of the following documents:

  • A 2006 or newer car in very good condition, which Uber will require that you bring in for an inspection.
  • Your drivers license (for ID purposes)
  • Your third-party vehicle insurance certificate
  • Your vehicle inspection clearance papers (Book a test here)

You will then need to register online as a partner using this link, and then select what category you fall into.



You then get access to a profile. In your profile, you will need to set up payment details where Uber can send payment to you weekly. You can do this by going to where you login using the same details you used to register.

Information you will need to have available:

  • Your name as it appears on the account
  • Your account number
  • Swift code of your bank branch. (If you don’t know your swift code, just ask the next time you’re at the branch)
  • Tax Identification Number
  • Bank code

If you are hiring drivers to drive for you, you will need to go to your Uber dashboard, click on “Add a Driver”

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 11.21.43
Registering as a driver only

Here are the items you will need:

  • Drivers Licence:  this can be obtained from the FRSC.
  • Lagos state drivers institute ID card: this can be obtained from the Lagos State Drivers Institute.
  • Background check: this is carried out after the driver has been accepted and has completed the training. It costs ₦20,000 but can be paid in 5 instalments of ₦4,000 each. It is a check Uber carries out with the police, which demonstrates that you have no criminal convictions or charges against your name, and is for the safety of passengers.
  • If the driver is not the vehicle owner, you will also need a contract agreement between the driver and the owner.

Registering your vehicle only

Here are the items you will need

  • Vehicle Licence
  • Certificate of roadworthiness (You can get this from the FRSC)
  • Tint permit if your windows are tinted.
  • Proof of ownership
  • Comprehensive Insurance. We compared insuring a 2009 Toyota Camry worth N2.9m across 10 Nigerian insurers and we got quotes ranging from N62,500 to N150,000 annually. You can find the full results of our research here. 

4. Others

  • Certificate of Incorporation. You are self-employed and not an employee of Uber, so you will need to register a company for this purpose.
  • You will need to be comfortable using a smart phone with GPS in addition to your local knowledge of Lagos. You can either bring your own smartphone (iPhone 4s or newer/Samsng S3 or newer) or Uber provides you with a Samsung Galaxy S5 mini for a ₦50,000 deposit (or 5 instalments of ₦10,000). Uber will also deduct ₦1500 per week for data on the Etisalat network.

The entire process takes about 2 weeks, and here are some additional resources to help in your enquiry:

To register with Uber:

To book a vehicle inspection, visit:

To book a driver training, visit:

To lease a vehicle in Lagos: http://fleetpartners.nghttp://www.c-ileasing.comhttp://firstchoiceleasingltd.com

[Insurance Deal] A 2008 Toyota valued at N1.5m for example would cost around N52,500 to insure annually. This would include free excess buyback, meaning that in the event of an accident, the vehicle is repaired  by the company and at no cost to you. To get this offer, please contact Ms. Irente: 08080353662




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  • Thanks for the in for Mr Pepe, could you please help with some statistics on peak hours and best locations, I know we are very poor in keeping records in Nigeria. A fair analysis will do. Thanks again

    Ade January 30, 2016 2:48 pm
    • Hi Ade,
      My initial guess would be that peak times would be at night and on weekends on the Island when people are likely to get stranded. Also parts of the mainland such as Ikeja and Surulere might have high demand as well, but your best bet is to check with Uber direct. I can check and see what response I get.

      mrpepe January 31, 2016 10:59 pm
  • Do u guys accept Honda accord 2005?

    larry February 4, 2016 8:44 am
    • No, Uber only accepts cars from 2008 upwards.

      mrpepe February 4, 2016 3:01 pm
  • Bring Uber Taxi to Port Harcourt. its going to be a lucrative opportunity.

    Emeviks February 4, 2016 7:14 pm
    • I agree! I believe either Uber or Easytaxi will make their way to PH soon

      mrpepe February 6, 2016 1:32 pm
  • Do i really need to register a company before i can partner with Uber with my car?

    Emmanuel February 22, 2016 4:58 am
  • Can I register my 2007 Toyota camry?

    Emmanuel February 27, 2016 1:55 pm
    • Hi, Emmanuel. I’m afraid they only accept 2009 cars and newer now.

      mrpepe February 27, 2016 6:40 pm
  • As a partner driver in London. Will this make it easy for me to join The lagos platform

    Abduljelyl February 29, 2016 12:40 pm
    • As it is a similar process, you should find it easier. However, I don’t think your details from uber London are transferable as it is a different geographical market.

      mrpepe March 1, 2016 5:58 pm
  • how can I get my company to register some vehicles on UBER?

    ifeoma February 29, 2016 2:48 pm
    • Hi Ifeoma,

      Please go through the resources at the bottom of the page. The process for registering a car on the network is covered, however you will probably need to find a driver. They might be able to help with this. Hope this helps.

      mrpepe March 1, 2016 5:59 pm
  • HI,

    I have a 2012 Kia cerato. I rily want to be an Uber partner but stil in paid employment. Please i need to know if you could avail me with the detail of the agreement between me and driver who will be the driver of the car.

    Please revert.

    Bamidele Francis March 1, 2016 6:15 pm
  • I used to drive with uber but my account was deactivated. Can I get it activated back

    prince March 9, 2016 6:41 pm
  • Hello good morning my name is Nkem how can I register online I have any toyota camry 2009

    nkem March 15, 2016 4:14 am
  • Great idea. Please can uber help get a driver if my car meets the requirements for registration as a partner.

    Thank you.

    ONI GBADEBO TEMITOPE March 16, 2016 2:46 pm
  • Hi Mr Pepe, I am a professional driver and am interested in registering with Uber but i don’t have a car, I reside in Jakande estate, lekki, lagos.

    Jeremiah Micah March 19, 2016 7:18 pm
    • Hi Jeremiah,

      I would suggest you register on the platform first, and get yourself ready to drive. Once you have your Lagos state drivers card, driving license and register on as a driver, finding a car is actually not a big issue. Uber has a program for linking registered drivers to vehicle owners, which you can check out here:

      You can also contact Angela Iyeke on 08029476384 and 08179275311

      mrpepe March 22, 2016 8:06 am
  • Hi Jeremiah,

    I am about to partner with uber and I don’t have a driver yet. I stay in Osapa london. We could work together. Can i have your contact?

    Chizy March 26, 2016 6:19 pm
  • Good stuff

    Ify March 27, 2016 6:38 pm
  • I have a kia spotage jeep 2014 model,i will like to partake in uber .

    Shina March 29, 2016 4:28 pm
  • This is a good idea, the only problem is getting a reliable driver

    Lewis alfred April 4, 2016 6:45 pm
    • A good driver who meets Ubers standards and has passed all the checks isn’t that hard to find. Uber can even help you find one.

      mrpepe April 4, 2016 8:09 pm
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  • I want to be part of uber.because,I can’t afford to buy the car they require.because am Using golf 3,for now I need clean car to use for the business,may I get good person to make the deal for me.thanks

    tunde okeowo April 7, 2016 5:05 pm
    • Hi Tunde, no one will be able to help you achieve your goals without you proving to be credible, and also giving them something in return or helping them achieve something. The most realistic way of getting a clean car for yourself is to sign up as a driver and go through all the required checks. You then find a car owner through Uber who has a clean 2010 or above car, and is able to enter a hire purchase agreement with you.Hope this helps.

      mrpepe April 10, 2016 8:49 pm

    ELOO. April 26, 2016 5:56 pm
  • Hi Ibro,

    Thank you for the correction, although there is no need to be rude over it. I do not profess to know it all, and my regular readers enjoy having an open platform where they can put forward suggestions and openly discuss ideas. Can you please throw more light on the VIO, and how get a certificate of roadworthiness from them?

    mrpepe April 28, 2016 12:01 pm
  • Hi please I want to partner with Uber and I have 2008 clean CRV Honda and about to get 2009 Corolla for dis business want to know if they will accept both.

    wale April 29, 2016 4:50 pm
  • Thank you so much MR Pepe for ur time and reply. Good to hear I can use 2009 Corolla. Now how do I get started? Because am a graduate and I want to get myself busy by driving it myself sir. Please I need more light in this sir.yes, I have my valid driving license.

    wale April 30, 2016 6:36 am
    • Hi Adewale,

      The post will guide you through how to start. Alternatively, you can attend an information session on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6pm or Fridays at 10.30am

      Location: 2 Turnbull/Onikoyi Road, Ikoyi, Lagos

      Hope this helps

      mrpepe April 30, 2016 10:19 am
  • Hello good afternoon I have an Honda Pilot 2013 with very low mileage. I don’t have a driver yet, what category does it fall in to and how fast is the registration process

    biola May 2, 2016 1:23 pm
    • Hi Biola,

      Uber doesn’t have your vehicle listed, although I suspect it might fall under the Uberblack category.

      To be absolutely sure, I would recommend that you attend their information session on Wednesday 6pm, or Friday 10.30am at :UBER LAGOS, STERLINGS VIRTUAL OFFICES, 2 TURNBULL/ONIKOYI ROAD, IKOYI, LAGOS, NIGERIA

      You can actually find a driver through the session or via

      Hope this helps

      mrpepe May 3, 2016 11:41 am
  • hello, greetings.
    I’m an employee with a tv house here in lagos and please i would love to get info on the deal you have with kia
    and also how one can leverage on it to get a new car to register with u.

    john May 11, 2016 11:00 am
  • I live at Ipaja, Lagos. I want to be part of this Scheme as a Driver. What are d requirements? What’s d pay like? I’m over 50years of age. My Business collapsed, and I need to get back to taking care of things in my home.

    Okechukwu May 13, 2016 3:09 pm
    • Hi Okechukwu,

      Thank you for your message. Your age is not a problem as long as you are able to learn. The pay starts from around a minimum of N50,000 but this increases with time and trust and many drivers are offered the opportunity to own their one vehicles. A good place to start would be to attend one of the information sessions: Mondays and Wednesdays at 6pm or Fridays at 10.30am
      Location: 2 Turnbull/Onikoyi Road, Ikoyi, Lagos
      Abuja Partners – Mondays at 12:30pm or Wednesdays and Fridays at 6pm
      Location: Regus, Rivers House, 4th Floor, Building 11, Plot 83, Ralph Shodehinde Street, Central Business District, Opposite Ministry of Finance, Abuja

      All the best

      mrpepe May 14, 2016 11:08 am
  • Hi Mr pepe. A friend told me recently that vehicle models from 2010 are obsolete and it is vehicles from 2011 that are acceptable on the uber platform now, is this true?

    Isaac May 21, 2016 12:01 am
  • Hello.

    Is registration of Business name acceptable? for I don’t have the registration that will give me the CAC no. RC……

    Thank you

    Mike June 1, 2016 2:27 pm
  • Good evening, pls I want to make an enquiry on how to become Uber’w taxi driver without owning a vehicle.

    Adepoju Timilehin June 1, 2016 7:00 pm
  • i have a toyota camry 2010 which i bot for 2.2million , but i have no driver i hope uber will help me get a driver. aw can i register my car with uber. and pls can i know how much i am going to be payed weekly.

    munis June 3, 2016 4:35 pm
    • Hi Munis, could you please e-mail me via the contact area of the website, or via and I’ll put you in touch with someone who can help with driver once your car is approved. He’s currently a driver on Uber, and now wants to help set others up.

      mrpepe June 5, 2016 2:34 am
  • Please can you provide a sample contract agreement between the driver and the owner.

    John Afunanya June 3, 2016 5:55 pm
  • Please I need clarification.
    Do you mean that before one come on board, the person need to incorporate a limited liability company or to register a business name.

    Tony June 6, 2016 12:22 pm
  • I own a car and I am willing to register it, who pays the driver and how much Im I likely to make if I am not driving?

    Remi June 11, 2016 5:15 pm
    • Hi Remi,

      You earn the most if you’re driving it yourself. However, if you want to give it to someone else to manage, you can earn around N40,000 weekly after maintenance, drivers wages, insurance and petrol costs. If you want me to put you in touch with a manager, email

      mrpepe June 12, 2016 2:27 pm
  • I really wants to partner with you by recruiting responsible drivers for your organization.

    mr adesanya adebisi June 14, 2016 10:01 am
  • Pls I would like to know if a 2010 kia cerato (manual transmission) Is qualified to be used.

    Evans June 14, 2016 10:09 pm
  • Mr. Pepe, thank you for this information. Please I want to attend the meeting in Abuja. Will it still hold today? Today is a Wednesday.

    Jummie June 15, 2016 3:21 pm
  • Goodevening….as a partner, how do you keep track of miscellaneous expenses of the driver like fuel,toll,maintenance etc….

    chidinma June 21, 2016 3:40 pm
  • Mr Pepe, I am highly interested in partnering with uber as a driver but do not have the Lagos state drivers institute card yet, can I go through the training before going for the lasdri card?

    OKOH Solomon E. June 22, 2016 1:22 am
    • Hi Solomon,

      Yes, you can attend the training but will need to provide the drivers card before you are approved.

      mrpepe June 22, 2016 11:19 am
  • How can I partner as a driver

    sesan ojo June 29, 2016 3:44 pm
  • Mr Pepe, i would like to know how often Uber upgrades the car age. If I get an 09 car, hope after one year they will not say get a 2010 and above if Ive not break even. Thank

    Onyeka June 30, 2016 10:04 am
    • Hi Onyeka,

      Once you’re in, you’re in. You are not required to change your car every year. You only need your car compliant to register, after that, just keep an eye on your vehicle insurance.

      Hope this helps

      mrpepe June 30, 2016 10:54 am
  • Hi, l am planning to get a Kia Rio for the Uber partnership. But can you please explain the diffrence between UberX and UberSelect cars under the accepted vehickes category. And why Kia Rio was classified as UberX. Thanks

    Taiwo July 2, 2016 6:28 am
  • Hi.please did you say we are to pay 112k for petrol monthly and 60k insurance monthly.I thought insurance is an annually payment and its about that price annually

    Juliet July 9, 2016 8:16 am
  • goodday i have just one car a 2009 corolla but i would want it to double as a private car too can i register it for 12 hrs a day and how much will that fetch me monthly thank you

    Ndubuisi Onuoha July 9, 2016 1:30 pm
    • Hi Ndubuisi,

      Yes, you control what hours you want your car to be on the road for, so 12 hours a day is definitely achievable.

      mrpepe July 10, 2016 6:35 pm
  • I mr pepe, i am a driver but i dont have a car. Can i get a job through this company

    Aregbesola Olalekan July 9, 2016 9:49 pm
  • Does a business enterprise registered as a business name qualifies for registration. I mean a business name and not a limited liability company.

    Rotimi July 13, 2016 3:23 pm
    • Hi Rotimi,

      I think you actually have to be a limited liability company for tax purposes.


      mrpepe July 20, 2016 12:44 am
  • Hallo, I have 6 2004/2005 toyota sienna. I want to know if am qualified to bring them for an inspection since all your request are 2008 vechicle

    abdul July 14, 2016 3:11 pm
  • Hello, I have work with AVIS NIGERIA .can I work with UBER

    MATTHEW July 15, 2016 8:17 pm
  • Hello Sir/madam
    I am a professional driver,how can i get a driver job with UBER

    igbalaye segun July 17, 2016 9:34 pm
    • Hi Según,

      Please contact any of there drivers agencies who can get you started on the platform:

      Delight Consulting
      Contact person: Gbenga Raheem
      Contact number: 08054449419 and 08037107839

      Lington & Bernie
      Contact person: Lanre Oke
      Contact number: 08032298220
      Contact email:

      Contact person: Angela Iyeke
      Contact number: 08029476384 and 08179275311
      Contact email:

      All the best

      mrpepe July 20, 2016 12:41 am
  • Hi team
    am trying to register from V/I Lagos but they keep telling me to enter a valid city. please what city do I use? because I have tried lagos and it’s not working

    Ariyo July 18, 2016 12:01 pm
    • Hi Ariyo,

      I’m not sure what is causing the problem. Perhaps you could clear the cookies from your browser and try again? If still no success, contact PARTNERS.LAGOS@UBER.COM

      All the best

      mrpepe July 20, 2016 12:39 am
  • Please I will like to register my honda accord 2010
    For ubber services and also drive it myself, reasons being that I am less busy and will like to explore lagos reasonably

    Daniels July 19, 2016 2:40 am
  • Hello team,please i have a toyota yaris 2008 manual drive is it up to the standard under uber?

    kola July 19, 2016 9:53 am
  • Hi Mr Pepe,
    Good day please.How do I get customers once I get enrolled? Thank you.

    Babatope July 20, 2016 2:33 pm
    • Customers will find you. You get a notification anyone within your coverage area requests a taxi.

      Hope this helps

      mrpepe July 20, 2016 10:55 pm
  • Pls is Honda accord 2007 accepted .

    presto July 20, 2016 4:36 pm
  • Hi Mr pere
    Pls can I register a Honda 2010 for uber service
    And Hw can I do the registration tnx

    kunle July 21, 2016 8:14 am
  • Hello Mr P, i have a Mazda 1998 model, very clean and a factory fitted A/C. and i want it registered, i just clear it from the port

    Ola July 22, 2016 5:12 am
    • Hi Ola,

      Sorry you won’t be allowed to register this on Uber as they only accept cars from 2006.

      mrpepe July 22, 2016 9:55 pm
  • hello , I would like to know if UBER will accept a honda accord 2008 (v6)?

    eugene July 24, 2016 4:20 pm
    • Yes they will

      mrpepe July 25, 2016 10:06 am
  • hi Mr pepe,

    i will like to know your new review on the Uber Business now. Do people still make 250k monthly as earlier mentioned in this article? i want to go into the business but i will love to know if your opinion on the business has chnged or its still the same. Thanks so much for your understanding.

    Doyin July 25, 2016 10:21 am
    • Hi Doyin,

      Thanks for your question. To be honest, it is quite rare to make N250k these days. N120 – N180k after expenses is more realistic.

      mrpepe July 26, 2016 12:29 pm
  • Hey Mr. Pepe. Thanks for the nice job you are doing here. Please I want to know if I’m allowed to pick other customers without Uber link after registration with Uber platform! Your response will go a long way. Thank you.

    Mike Abuja July 26, 2016 9:16 am
    • Hi Mike,

      With Uber, you can set your availability on and off depending on when you’re available. You are working for yourself, so when you have an outside job to do, just set your availability to “off” so that Uber doesn’t send you any customers.

      mrpepe July 26, 2016 12:31 pm
  • Mr pepe, I av a Kia 2015, is it acceptable?

    akin July 26, 2016 10:16 am
    • Hi Akin,

      Yes it is.

      mrpepe July 26, 2016 12:31 pm
  • I have a toyotacamry (Muscle) 2007 can I use it for uber ?

    Salewa July 26, 2016 7:10 pm
    • Hi Salewa,

      Yes you can, as it is newer than 2006.

      mrpepe July 27, 2016 11:58 am
  • hi, I have a 2009 Mitsubishi Galant Sedan I want to register with uber, hope it eligible

    solomon July 27, 2016 12:29 am
  • Hi Mrpepe,
    I do not have a company but I have a TIN number and certificate of tax clearance because I am a government worker, will it suffice?

    Ike July 28, 2016 6:27 pm
    • Hi,

      I think this should be sufficient because it demonstrates that you pay tax. However, to be on the safe side, attend the weekly partner information sessions and ask during the session.

      The office is located at: The iLx Centre (Venia): Plot 8, 1st Floor, Providence Street (Samsung Building), Lekki, Phase 1
      Abuja: REGUS, Rivers House, 83 Ralph Shodeinde Street, Central Business District, Abuja

      mrpepe July 28, 2016 11:03 pm
  • Hi Mrpepe,
    Pls ill like to know due to the condition of our roads in the country, what measures do uber take to ensure my car(Toyota Camry 2010) is in proper condition and well maintained?

    Richard August 1, 2016 7:17 am
  • Hi Mr. Pepe,
    I love the possibilities Uber give through this cab driving platform. I reside in Yenagoa, Bayelsa and I own a 2012 Toyota corolla. Please how can i be a part of this platform. Thank you

    Olufemi Anthony August 2, 2016 3:04 pm
    • Hi Olufemi,

      Your best bet would be to move to Abuja or Lagos as Uber is only in these two cities for now. I’m hoping they come to PH soon, and this will be closer to you.

      mrpepe August 2, 2016 10:10 pm
  • Hello Mr Pepe,
    pls i would like to register my hyundai accent and get a driver from uber to drive it for me. My question is now that the profit has reduced to about 120k-180k monthly, how much do you think the car owner can make monthly after paying the driver and paying other miscellaneous.please i will be very grateful if you can give me an estimate.

    Jumbo August 4, 2016 8:59 pm
  • Hi,
    Can I register a 2008 peugeout 406 in good condition on the Uber plaform for Abuja?


    Sidney August 5, 2016 9:12 am
    • Yes you can. Uber now accepts cars from 2006.

      mrpepe August 5, 2016 3:50 pm
  • Hello Mr Pepe, I appreciate the fact that you respond quickly on the platform. I will get a Toyota corrolla in about 2 months for uber, I would want to know the model that will be accepted by uber for this car type, as I have seen that some cars that are 2010 models are not accepted yet you said uber accepts cars from 2006 model. Thank you, secondly I will actually be registering as a vehicle owner needing a driver, do I have to fully reside in Lagos to achieve this? Thank you

    Peculiar August 5, 2016 12:30 pm
    • Hi Peculiar, Uber rules have changed and they now accept cars from 2006. However, I would recommend taking the vehicle you want t purchase for inspection before paying to get the go-ahead directly from Uber.

      There’s no need for you to be in Lagos as long as your car is in Lagos, as payments are made electronically.

      All the best.

      mrpepe August 5, 2016 3:49 pm
  • Dear Mr Pepe, Please help confirm if my car 2007 Toyota corolla is fit. The car is upto date on insurance.

    Tino August 9, 2016 2:20 pm
    • Hi Tino,

      Yes a 2007 Toyota should be accepted as long as it is in good condition.

      mrpepe August 9, 2016 2:58 pm
  • Hi Mr. Pepe, will a Toyota Avalon 2006 be considered by Uber?

    Vincent August 9, 2016 2:56 pm
    • Hi Vincent,

      Yes it should be accepted as long as it is in good condition

      mrpepe August 9, 2016 2:57 pm
  • Hi Mr. Pepe will a Toyota avalon vs 2006 be considered for registration?

    Vincent August 9, 2016 3:01 pm
    • Yes, Vincent it shpuld be accepted.

      mrpepe August 9, 2016 6:24 pm
  • Hello Pepe,good evening..I want to go to the uber office to make enquiries and I heard I have to book a session which I tried but to no avail..kindly tell me the process or do I just go for the weekly partners forum? When does it hold and where. Thank you for your swift response

    Amah August 11, 2016 6:27 pm
    • Hi Amah,

      I’m guessing you are talking about the Lagos office. If so, this is easy.

      Just visit: ILx Centre (Venia): Plot 8, Providence Street, Lekki, Phase 1.

      They are open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. You don’t need to book in advance.

      All the best

      mrpepe August 11, 2016 9:53 pm
  • Thanks a lot for this. All my UBER questions answered and now I know how to set up.
    Thanks again.

    Meanwhile, Mr Pepe is an extremely patient
    human being. After listing all the requirement in the original post, folks who probably did not bother to read the post start asking questions already answered in the post making Mr Pepe to ‘re write the whole post again only that this time it is broken into several sections. Folks please read, the article is not too long and answers all your questions already.

    Lray4real August 13, 2016 10:30 am
    • Thank you so much!!! I do appreciate your kind comments and your observant eye lol. I actually rewrote the article at the beginning of the month, as I had started to think that perhaps I was being very clear. Thanks, and i wish you all the best!

      mrpepe August 13, 2016 1:14 pm
  • hi,can i use my spouse’s account for settlement of payments,2ndly can i use a third party insurance to register with uber,3rdly my driver’s licenese in on renewal process at the moment,can it be accepted both as identity as car owner and as driver,4thly can you please list the comprehensive requirements for vehicle and driver registration for a car owner that wants to drive his car under this platform

    obi August 13, 2016 8:07 pm
    • Hi Obi,

      I think you will benefit more from visiting the office and having a one-on-one discussion with someone. You can go anytime between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Just say you are a potential new partner and someone will attend to you.

      Address: ILx Centre (Venia): Plot 8, Providence Street, Lekki, Phase 1.

      All the best

      mrpepe August 15, 2016 9:30 am
  • Pls can I get a car through Uber for a ride to airport at 5am in the morning?

    Idowu Olatunji August 14, 2016 2:58 pm
    • Hi Idowu,

      For now, I don’t think it is possible to book an Uber in advance. Your best bet is to call your taxi driver directly and ask to be picked up at 5am. All the best

      mrpepe August 14, 2016 5:29 pm
  • Hello I want to register as a driver I don’t know how to go about it

    Olamide August 15, 2016 9:41 am
    • Hi Olamide,

      Start here:

      You will be asked whether you want to register as a driver or as a car owner. Click driver. You can upload your docs later.

      mrpepe August 15, 2016 11:19 am
  • Good day. Please how do I locate uber office in abuja for me to get my car registered here in abuja. Thank you

    Alexander ohiani August 17, 2016 3:33 pm
    • Hi Alexander,

      Here’s the Abuja address: 29 Mambilla Street, off Aso drive, Maitama (Former American Embassy).
      You will need to Visit to book a time slot to attend.

      All the best

      mrpepe August 17, 2016 8:37 pm
  • Good day Mr Pepe,

    In my recent findings I was informed that UberX vehicles should be from 2006 while UberSelect is form 2012. I actually want to join partner and double as the driver. I need you to clarify on the models/year required. Secondly, if there are still space to accommodate new partners and when it is likely to stop accepting new partners.

    Abraham August 18, 2016 1:25 pm
    • Hi Abraham,

      Uber has relaxed the requirements now so that cars from 2006 in good condition are now accepted. No one knows when they will stop accepting new partners, I’m afraid

      mrpepe August 22, 2016 11:17 am
  • Can Uber employe me as a driver because I don’t have a car u

    Francis August 18, 2016 6:04 pm
    • Hi Francis,

      Just apply via

      And select the option for driver with no access to a vehicle.

      If you pass all the tests, you will Be matched with an owner looking for a driver, plus you also gain access to the vehicle finance marketplace where you have sellers who accept pay small small payments for compliant vehicles. There are lots of option, Francis

      mrpepe August 22, 2016 11:36 am
  • How can i locate uber office around lekki or victoria island here in lagos

    Gerald Udoma August 22, 2016 10:41 am
    • Hi Gerald,

      Here is their office address in Lekki: Plot 8, Providence Street, Lekki, Phase 1.
      It’s open from 9am – 5pm

      mrpepe August 22, 2016 11:19 am
  • Hi, please is the tax I’d number meant to be company based or simply personal

    irene August 24, 2016 12:52 pm
  • Hi, my name is Tosin. How do i download the App on my phone or how do i get to call a taxi?

    Tosin August 25, 2016 8:20 am
  • I want to by Kia Rio 2009, will it be accepted.

    Tunde August 25, 2016 3:32 pm
    • Hi Tunde, Uber accepts cars from 2006 so yes the Kia will be accepted.

      mrpepe August 28, 2016 7:23 am
  • Hello Mr.Pepe, I will like to visit your office, can you please send me your office address. This is to enable me make all other enquiries. Or kindly avail me phone contacts.

    Helen imaghodor August 26, 2016 11:44 am
  • Hello Mr Pepe,

    Please am in interested, but i want to register with UBER in Abuja, Can you please link me up with Abuja branch or what will i do?

    Oladele Olanrewaju August 26, 2016 1:06 pm
    • Hi Oladele,

      Thanks for your query. Register as normal and then their address for onboarding is

      New Greenlight Hub is located at Ventures Platform, 29 Mambilla street, off Aso drive. Former US embassy.

      You can drop in and ask any questions you might have.

      mrpepe August 28, 2016 10:12 am
  • Hi Helen,

    I would recommend going directly to Uber office in Lagos between 9-5pm. They would be happy to answer any questions you have. Their address is:

    mrpepe August 28, 2016 8:05 am
  • Hi Pepe, I have a Honda civic 2006 and I wish to partner with Uber,would my car be accepted.

    TIMOTHY ABENGT August 29, 2016 9:01 am
    • Hi Timothy,

      Yes your Honda will be accepted.

      mrpepe August 29, 2016 12:20 pm
  • Good Evening Mrpepe, am about to buy a clean Nigeria used Toyota Corolla 2010 model to partner with Uber. Will it be accepted? Kindly advise


    Abraham August 31, 2016 10:33 pm
    • Hi Abraham,

      Yes this will be accepted

      mrpepe September 1, 2016 10:24 am
  • Hello.
    I have two cars and i meet up with the requirements.
    I need to register as a partner and all of that…but i can’t get any link as to that.
    I reside in Abuja, please, can i have your contact so i can call to find out more on what to do?
    My main question is…How does the whole thing work?
    Thank You.

    AanuJesu September 7, 2016 2:07 pm
    • Hi there,

      Your best bet would be to visit the Abuja office and carry out the registration there. You can out both your cars on the road through them, and start earning a return straightaway.

      Their office is at 29 Mambilla Street, off Aso drive, Maitama (Former American Embassy). Before you go however, you will need to visit to book an appointment.

      mrpepe September 8, 2016 9:26 pm
  • Good day Sir, Do Uber train drivers on how their system works?. Also do I join Uber in Abuja as a driver without vehicle.?

    Joseph September 10, 2016 4:03 pm
  • Good day Sir, Do Uber train drivers on how their system works?. Also how can I join Uber in Abuja as a driver without vehicle.?


    Joseph September 10, 2016 4:05 pm
    • Hi Joseph,

      Yes, Uber offers inhouse training to all their registered drivers. Please visit the Uber Abuja office to get started.

      mrpepe September 14, 2016 11:54 am
  • Hi mrpepe how do I register my car so uber can get me a driver as an individual not a company?

    Nora September 11, 2016 12:48 pm
    • Hi Nora,

      Yes, if you register on, you should get an option to register as a vehicle owner. Select this option.

      mrpepe September 14, 2016 11:52 am
  • Hello Mr. Pepe, I must commend the tremendous work on your website, your ability to engage all your readers is most-impressive. However, I just need clarifications on a few things.

    I am joining Uber as a car-owner without a driver, what would you propose as an estimate for the current profitability of the business after paying for the driver, Uber management, fuel expenses and other miscellaneous expenses?

    Also, as regards the need to incorporate a limited liability company to register with Uber, can I use the company particulars of a family member to register?
    I would really appreciate it if I can get a feedback from you on these issues.
    Thank you so much.

    ONAH September 14, 2016 2:48 pm
  • Mr Pepe, thank you for all the information, i am currently in paid employment, but i am interested and willing to explore other sources of income and i am interested in being a partner. i have 2010 corolla and i want to come on board.

    Must have a registered company first?

    hilary September 14, 2016 2:49 pm
  • please i want to partner with uber. I intend to purchase a 2010 Toyota Camry, is there a limited millage for the car to be accepted? what colours are accepted? and who pays the driver? In event of my decision to drive, must i know all the local routes in Lagos before i can join?

    osita September 17, 2016 1:58 pm
    • Hi Osita,

      Thanks for your questions:
      – There are no limits to mileage, although the car must be in very good condition
      – There are no restrictions on colour
      – Uber pays you, the partner and you pay the driver. If you are a driver/partner, then you keep what Uber pays you
      – If you decide to drive, you do need to have a good knowledge of Lagos roads/routes although you are supported by the GPS on the Uber system.

      Hope this helps.

      mrpepe September 18, 2016 1:55 pm
  • hi pls i want to patner. i ve a wine corolla 2006 model. i dnt live in lagos and will like if uber can get and pay the driver.

    sandy September 18, 2016 2:44 pm
    • Hi Sandy,

      Uber is only available in Lagos and Abuja for now. However, your 2006 Camry would be accepted on the program.

      mrpepe September 19, 2016 11:52 am
    • Here are the cars accepted direct on Ubers website:

      mrpepe September 19, 2016 11:55 am
  • Mr Pepe. Pls what year of toyota camry is the least Uber can accept. Am being misinformed by some information I get from other sites.

    osita September 18, 2016 5:09 pm
  • If i have a Hyundai sonata 2014 is it going to be on uberX or Uber select?

    Elvis September 26, 2016 2:00 am
  • Do you have a branch in Port Harcourt? If no, any plan of opening a branch in there?

    Phemy September 30, 2016 1:08 pm
    • Hi, Iber is currently only in Lagos and Abuja for now. I don’t know about future plans. Perhaps you could rep ate to Abuja?

      mrpepe October 1, 2016 7:46 am
  • Hi, Mr Pepe,
    I reside in iyana iba axis and I have a Toyota corolla 2007 model. Can I work within the iyana iba Egbeda axis?

    Daniel October 10, 2016 6:54 am
  • Good morning Mr Pepe,I want to register as a driver ,I have all d requirements, but can I control the hours I work with uber,because I have other business I do.

    Emekara Dennis October 10, 2016 7:10 am
    • Hi Dennis,

      Actually with Uber, you are working for yourself, not for anyone. Uber just sends you customers. You can control what hours you work by turning the app on when you’re available (uber sends you customers) or you turn it off when you’re unavailable (uber doesn’t send you customers.

      Ethan Okoli October 10, 2016 1:00 pm
    • Hi Dennis,

      Actually with Uber, you are working for yourself, not for anyone. Uber just sends you customers. You can control what hours you work by turning the app on when you’re available (uber sends you customers) or you turn it off when you’re unavailable (uber doesn’t send you customers)

      Ethan Okoli October 10, 2016 1:01 pm
  • thanks for the good work. I only have a registered business namE, will my account on this be accepted?

    olanrewaju olayemi October 10, 2016 3:14 pm
  • good day sir, great job your doing here.
    i just cleared a camry 1999 model, very clean you could inspect.will it be accepted

    anthony October 12, 2016 2:37 pm
    • Hello Anthony,

      They won’t accept your Camry as its older than 2006.

      Ethan Okoli October 12, 2016 5:01 pm
  • Nice and cool business idea…pls let me know if a small and portable car like DAEWOO MATIZ could fit in for uber

    AYODELE October 16, 2016 5:55 pm
    • Hi Ayodele, I think you need a 4-door sedan 2006 or newer.

      Ethan Okoli October 16, 2016 10:32 pm
  • Can I register with an enterprise and not limited liability company

    Chuks October 19, 2016 5:50 pm
  • Hi,i have a 2008 toyota camry,but its being upgraded to a 2010,can i still use it for uber?

    Ayo October 20, 2016 2:03 pm
  • one more question pls,do i need to registered with CAC to get started?

    Ayo October 20, 2016 6:33 pm
  • Will the Toyota Sienna 2008 be acceptable for use

    Clem October 21, 2016 10:52 pm
  • Hi Mr pepe, I have a nissan xterra suv 2001 model, can I bring it for inspection?

    Bidemi October 24, 2016 1:38 pm
    • No, Bidemi. Only cars from 2006 or newer are accepted.

      Ethan Okoli October 24, 2016 9:18 pm
  • Hi
    I have a Toyota Camry 2008. I have an appointment tomorrow for general enquires, will I be able to meet with someone to talk one on one?
    Thank you

    Funmilola October 24, 2016 9:36 pm
    • Sure you will. I hop you were able to speak to someone

      Ethan Okoli October 26, 2016 7:46 pm
  • Uber idea makes me accept driving as a job,maybe i would never had accepted driving as a job. Uber’s taxi gives me the urge to d r i v e because its a millionaires & billionaires network. Okezie i really need that vacancy !

    daniel ekenedilichukwu ngidi October 27, 2016 3:06 am
    • Hi Daniel, are you a qualified driver on the platform?

      Ethan Okoli October 28, 2016 6:28 pm
  • Pls how do I monitor my driver to ensure he doesn’t sign off the uber platform or make himself unavailable so as to carry passenger for his own purse or selfish interest

    Bidemi October 28, 2016 4:31 am
    • There’s no way to ensure this other than making sure you pick a good driver and you pay him well. Perhaps you pay him a bonus for good performance. Or you can put the car on a hire purchase plan with the driver so he knows he’s working to pay off the car debt. That would keep him motivated, hopefully.

      Ethan Okoli October 28, 2016 6:27 pm
  • Dear Mr Pepe,

    I commend your effort at providing answers to the numerous questions asked. I will however like to recast the below question which directly addressed my concerns but I am not ok/clear an the answer you provide:
    “Pls how do I monitor my driver to ensure he doesn’t sign off the uber platform or make himself unavailable so as to carry passenger for his own purse or selfish interest” Can UBER provide monthly vehicle movement tracking history that could assist a non-driver patner reconcile usage with a hired driver?


    Adokwu October 30, 2016 1:36 am
  • Dear Mr Pepe,

    I commend your effort at providing answers to the numerous questions asked. I will however like to recast the below question which directly addressed my concerns but I am not ok/clear with the answer you provided:
    “Pls how do I monitor my driver to ensure he doesn’t sign off the uber platform or make himself unavailable so as to carry passenger for his own purse or selfish interest” Can UBER provide monthly vehicle movement tracking history that could assist a non-driver patner reconcile usage with a hired driver?


    Adokwu October 30, 2016 1:41 am
    • Hi Adokwu,

      To be honest, Uber won’t give you that much detail. You will get a breakdown of pickups/pickup times but if the car were to be idle for say, 2 hours, there is no way of knowing if the car was stationary or moving about for the duration of the 2 hours.

      To find this out, you will need to install a vehicle tracker, or purchase one that comes with one.

      Ethan Okoli October 31, 2016 12:57 pm
  • Hello Mr Pepe,please I have a 2005/2006 model Honda Civic,will it be accepted for UberX?

    Eric October 30, 2016 12:31 pm
    • Hi Eric,

      I don’t think this will be accepted

      Ethan Okoli October 31, 2016 12:49 pm
  • Please do i need to Uber before registering my car

    francis November 1, 2016 4:42 pm
    • No, there’s no need, although it helps you understand how it works.

      Ethan Okoli November 2, 2016 11:08 am
  • Hello, Pls are u saying there is no way I can log in to check if my driver is online or not? Even if it is to log in to the same account/platform that he uses just for monitoring sake as the vehicle owner. Pls I need to get it clear because my vehicle do not fit into the uber range of cars and am about to get one for these purpose hence my inquisitive questions. Thanks once again

    Bidemi November 3, 2016 3:58 am
    • Hi Bidemi,

      Yes that is what I’m saying. There is currently no way to monitor if your driver is online or not. There used to be something called “Live Maps” but this has been disabled due to a glitch in the system. You will need to install a tracker on your vehicle for peace of mind.

      Ethan Okoli November 4, 2016 5:34 pm
  • pls I have tried registering as a driver on the Uber platform but it’s not going through. Could you please send me the link

    Messigah November 3, 2016 12:09 pm
  • Hi pepe, i have a toyota corrola 2012, can i use it on uber select, also what rental companies working for uber can you recommend. Thanks

    lekan November 6, 2016 4:30 pm
    • Hi Lekan,

      Yes, you can use your 2012 Corolla on Uber select. I don’t understand what you mean in terms of rental – do you want to rent another vehicle?

      Ethan Okoli November 6, 2016 6:01 pm
  • Thank you Ethan for the swift response, the rental meant, are there companies that help people manage their car on uber, i am thinking of this option, due to inefficiency of drivers.

    lekan November 6, 2016 7:27 pm
    • Ah, that’s fine. I can refer you to a manager. Call TJ Adebare on 09035039559. All the best

      Ethan Okoli November 7, 2016 12:34 am
  • Hi, Pepe i have a 2010 kia rio can i use it to start the uber business ???

    Michael Esere November 7, 2016 9:06 pm
    • Hi Michael,

      Yes you can.

      Ethan Okoli November 8, 2016 12:40 pm
  • Hello, I was at Uber office at Lekki last To make enquiry about how to register my Volkswagen Jetta 2007 Model Sedan and I was advised by the security guys at the gate to go to Uber website to book an appointment.This I have tried with no success. Your assistance to help me get more details on how to become a partner with Uber will be highly appreciated.

    AMUBIEYA Olabanji November 9, 2016 4:53 pm
  • Hello Mr Pepe, please I have a Hyundai Accent 2009 model. Will it be accepted for the Uber business.

    Jumbo November 9, 2016 10:56 pm
    • Yes, this will be accepted

      Ethan Okoli November 10, 2016 5:01 pm
  • Please I have a Toyota Sequoia 2008. Is this accepted by Uber? I want to partner with Uber.
    Thank you

    Good Good November 16, 2016 1:13 pm
    • Hi,

      Yes this will be accepted

      Ethan Okoli November 20, 2016 8:59 pm
  • Hello pepe, i just bought a car nigerian used, can i start to use it on uber platform before changing the name, because all the papers expire mid next year.

    beautiful November 18, 2016 2:21 pm
  • please i want to register my brother as a driver. we dont own a car. our cars are old and down. what are they requirement for a driver without a car but with an original Driver’s licence . The pay package and other terms and conditions.

    Samson Ugbeda November 25, 2016 2:06 pm
    • Hi Samson, if you register with Uber here,

      Fill your details out and you will get 3 options on how to register. Select “Driving, but no car”. You can get paired up with a partner who has a car, but isn’t driving and you both can negotiate payment terms etc. The going rate for drivers varies. You can also make an arrangement to drive the partners vehicle on a hire purchase arrangement.

      Hope this helps

      Ethan Okoli December 5, 2016 4:02 am
  • I am an uber driver yet hv not found a partner after training and certification and don’t want any agent to link me. Do i hav a chance?

    Oluwaseyi November 27, 2016 12:42 am
    • Hi Oluwaseyi, could you please your contact number in an e-mail? I can send your request to a few Uber partners and see if anyone needs a driver.

      Ethan Okoli December 5, 2016 3:50 am
  • Hi, i uploaded my passed inspection documents and my Comprehensive Insurance. Pls what’s next to do.

    Muyiwa December 15, 2016 12:26 pm
  • Hi. I’m want to join the uber platform in abuja. I have a 2008 model Peugeot 407.will this car be accepted?

    Ikenna December 15, 2016 10:49 pm
  • Sir / Madam
    Please after filling all the vehicle information, the box “continue” is not responding. it only tries to open and re close itself. please what should i do to complete my registration.

    Seidu Shehu Shadrach December 16, 2016 4:30 pm
  • I have a honda passport jeep 2010 model. Would it be fit for the business?

    tope December 19, 2016 12:44 pm
    • Hi Tope,

      Yes, no reason why this should not be accepted.

      Go ahead 🙂

      Ethan Okoli December 27, 2016 6:41 am
  • I am in Port Harcourt and interested in partnering with Uber,I have a 2008 Toyota camry. Is there any possibility here?

    Michael December 24, 2016 8:46 pm
    • Hi Michael,

      You can definitely register your car on Uber, but the service isn’t yet available in Port-Harcourt. I would suggest taking it to Lagos or Abuja and hiring a driver there if you really want to join the service. All the best.

      Ethan Okoli December 27, 2016 6:19 am
  • I am a Nigerian in Diaspora,Can i be an UBER partner.
    Looking at Higher purchase option

    Samuel December 26, 2016 2:25 am
  • am in Abuja and heard about you people when I came to Lagos for a break. am interested pls do you have an office I could visit for the inspection of the car and other requirements.I don’t have anyone to drive.thanks

    Michael chukwuemeka December 28, 2016 9:30 am
  • I have 2009 Camry with dent on the body which i am planning to repair before taking it for uber crogramme.
    Can i take to uber office first so that they can access and also point out where necessary other necessary repair could be done

    olumide January 2, 2017 12:35 pm
    • Hi Olumide,

      Sounds like it should be alright, but it will need to be inspected first. I would suggest you book an appointment to see someone so you get given a day for a vehicle inspection.

      Ethan Okoli January 3, 2017 4:10 pm
  • Hi
    I have a 2007 Toyota RAV4 I want to register . How should I hi about it ? I would also be needing a driver


    Ene January 3, 2017 5:08 pm
    • Hi Ene,

      You will need to start by registering as a partner via:

      When you attend the partner info session, you can ask to be matched to a driver, and they can allocate one if they have any available. If not, I can send out a mailshot on your behalf. I have hundreds of uber partners in my mailing list, and can put a request out for you.

      Hope this helps. When you’re ready, you can e-mail me at

      Ethan Okoli January 7, 2017 10:26 am
  • I have my company registered with the CAC. i want to be in this uber do i go about it?Also,i intend putting new car that can meet the year model as specified.But before how do i come into this biz as a biz owner.

    Festus israel January 5, 2017 12:42 pm
  • i registered my BIZ with the CAC.i intend getting cars that with will meet your requirement in the nearest future.But for now , i want to know how to partner or be part of this biz as a business owner.

    Festus israel January 5, 2017 12:52 pm
    • Hi Festus,

      To join, all you need to do is register via here:

      That is the first step, then you will receive instructions and an appointment to see someone to facilitate the registration.

      Ethan Okoli January 7, 2017 9:54 am
  • I am a “new Uber driver” and I have found “new Uber car owner partner” listed on the Uber site who I have met with and he has agreed to pair up with me so I can be his Uber driver. I would like to know the next move to make. Please, What next do I need to do before I can actually start going online and start receiving trips on my Uber app

    Noble January 9, 2017 11:16 am
  • all this payment are they real

    emma January 16, 2017 8:12 pm
  • What’s the earliest car year model acceptable by uber?

    jide January 18, 2017 1:33 pm
  • Hi I tried to register my Toyota Highlander 2006 but can only find 2012 to 2017 models what do I do? Is it possible for me to still use the 2006? Please advise.

    Bellucci January 19, 2017 10:04 pm
  • pls i need the breakdown of payment on Uber Transport for both car owner and the Driver

    Azuka January 20, 2017 9:13 am
  • Hi , please I need an invite code optional to register , how can I get it with knowing anyone that with uber

    Peter Godfrey January 22, 2017 6:26 pm
  • Hi I have a Toyota sienna 2000 still on 68,000km, can it be accepted since d km is below 100km

    Felix January 24, 2017 3:14 pm
    • Hi Felix,

      No, This won’t be accepted

      Ethan Okoli January 31, 2017 1:35 pm

    PETER JEMBI January 24, 2017 9:43 pm
    • Hi Peter,

      I would suggest going to Uber’s office to sort this

      Ethan Okoli January 31, 2017 1:37 pm
  • Good Afternoon Mr Pepe,I have a toyotal camry that I want to use to partner with your company but is it compulsory that I should register a business name under CAC for this purpose before I can be eligible to partner with your company?

    Adekunle David January 25, 2017 2:06 pm
  • Good afternoon, please i have a Mitsubishi Pajero 2009 which i intend to register to use as a partner. will it qualify under the UberX category since it doesn’t qualify under the Uber Select Category?

    Busayo January 30, 2017 10:55 am
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  • Hi
    My driving skill is not ye perfect can they train me more on my skills at uber for eligibility of working under them

    Akinwale ibukun February 1, 2017 6:59 am
  • W
    Please I want to know the current range(year) of vehicles that is presently accepted in order to be an uber partner

    David February 1, 2017 11:26 am
  • I want to be a partner, Does UBER accept Nissan Altima 2006???

    samson February 6, 2017 4:58 pm
    • Hi Samson,

      The new age requirement for vehicles on the Uber network is 2008.

      Ethan Okoli February 11, 2017 10:26 am
  • Hi, I’m interested in partnering with Uber as a car owner and a drive. Does a 2006 Corrola S meet Uber’s car requirement?

    Nurudeen February 9, 2017 11:59 am
    • Hi Nurudeen,

      I’m afraid not. The car age has now been revised to 2008.

      Ethan Okoli February 11, 2017 10:14 am
  • HI, i don’t know how to drive very well now can i still join the uber network?

    judeze February 9, 2017 1:25 pm
    • Hi Jude,

      Your driving skills are what you are selling on the Uber network, and the network works best for you if you have a highly valued skill to offer. So you need to work on your driving skills first if you want to sell them through the network. There aren’t any shortcuts, I’m afraid.

      Ethan Okoli February 11, 2017 10:14 am
  • Hi,
    Am William, been aiming to join uber as a driver and with my own car. I’ve read reviews on specifications and model requirements and changes I read that 2006 models are being accepted now, am looking at using a Toyota Corolla or Nissan primera 2006 or above model neat condition. What are the estimates of the insurance required and the rest of the details to join.

    William chirah February 11, 2017 10:57 am
    • Hi william,

      Please check that you can join with a 2006 car, as I think it has been revised to 2008.

      I included some numbers at the bottom of the article. Could you call to get a quote?

      Ethan Okoli February 14, 2017 2:42 pm
  • Keep doing your thing Mr. Pepe. Thank you for being there.

    Sam February 12, 2017 8:50 pm
    • Thank you so much, Sam! This is much appreciated!

      Ethan Okoli February 14, 2017 3:10 pm
  • Mr. Pepe I called Angela on the numbers you gave and she said the driver forum is for Tuesday not Mondays. She is not a customer friendly person and she has too much pride about her. Can you please give me another number to reach uber customer service. Someone with patience and humility enough to talk to people.

    Sam February 13, 2017 9:51 am
  • Hello can I register my new bus 2014 for your service

    Shodipo February 14, 2017 1:29 pm
    • Hi Shodipo, I don’t think Uber accepts buses, but you can list it on as they specialise in bus hires.

      Alternatively, someone on this thread was looking for a bus to purchase on a hire purchase agreement. I’ll link you both up via e-mails shortly.

      All the best

      Ethan Okoli February 17, 2017 2:06 am
  • As an aspiring driver how can you book an appointment online before going to the office?

    Isaac February 18, 2017 3:07 pm
  • Hello Mr Pepe,

    You are doing wonderfully well on this thread and by keeping it alive.

    Pls which other network can accept my Toyota Corolla 2005. If I upgrade it, can Uber accept it?

    Kindly respond.

    Abiodun February 18, 2017 8:47 pm

    C. UNACHUKWU February 19, 2017 3:52 pm
  • Hello Mr Pepe
    I just bought a personal 2005 Toyota car and I would like to register with uber services in Lagos. How is that possible?

    Jesuovie February 20, 2017 2:05 pm
  • Hi am a professional driver currently i drive for a school and am being paid 45k as salary,am looking forward for a change of job to increase my annual income and to be able to take care of some pressing needs i hope uber can be of help in some way.I have all necessary requirements to partner with uber as a driver(Federal Licence and Lagos state driving institute licence)and am interested to join uber.How can I register to be part of the scheme and get a car for higher purchase as starter.Thank you

    Igwele Zibenidie February 20, 2017 5:13 pm
  • Hi Pepe, pls I wanna ask if u could send me a number to call to verify if I can use my Honda accord 2007 for uber and is there any required mileage. I really wanna know
    Thanks a lot in anticipation

    Vivian February 25, 2017 10:01 pm
    • Hi Vivian,

      I’m afraid there isn’t a number, but you van visit the Uber office at one of these addresses:

      Lagos – iLx Centre (Venia): Plot 8, Providence Street, Lekki, Phase 1.
      Abuja – 29 Mambilla Street, off Aso drive, Maitama (Former American Embassy).
      Before you go, visit to make a booking to see someone who will help you with everything.

      Hope this helps.

      Ethan Okoli March 6, 2017 4:09 pm
  • hello my name is Bright, i really interest in uber because i have a good driving skills can someone d this for part time job or full time Lagos and which other places do have this service in Nigeria aside from Lagos Thank you

    Ademuagun Ayodeji Bright February 27, 2017 11:13 am
    • Hi Bright, for now, Uber is only available in Lagos and Abuja. All the best!

      Ethan Okoli March 6, 2017 4:07 pm
  • hello, pls can i register my toyota matrix 2015 for uber

    olasunkanmi February 27, 2017 6:56 pm
    • Hi,

      Yes, your vehicle would be accepted on Uber. All the best!

      Ethan Okoli March 6, 2017 4:04 pm

    MARTINS March 6, 2017 7:06 pm
  • please i need to know the models of car uber operates with especially toyota product, the registration requirements, income, and all necessary requirements to kickstart.

    kenny peters March 22, 2017 11:48 am
  • Hi Mr. Pepe, please I have a Toyota corolla 2003/2004 model and the car is in good condition. I will like to know if uber can register such a car as I planned to drive it myself.

    Tunde Folarin March 23, 2017 11:33 am
    • Hi Tunde,

      This won’t be accepted Im afraid. They will only accept vehicles from 2008 or newer

      Ethan Okoli March 24, 2017 9:52 am
  • Hi Pepe I really love to drive for uber, I need a referral can you assist me with that.

    Joseph Umukoro March 23, 2017 12:12 pm
    • Hi Joseph,

      It’s really easy to join. Just register using this link:

      Once done, Visit to get an appointment to see someone. Once done, just visit the office : Lagos – iLx Centre (Venia): Plot 8, Providence Street, Lekki, Phase 1.
      Abuja – 29 Mambilla Street, off Aso drive, Maitama (Former American Embassy) and someone will help set you up.

      Ethan Okoli March 24, 2017 9:51 am
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  • hi will u accept my 406 prestige for uber services?

    stephen March 26, 2017 5:32 pm

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