Planning A Wedding In Lagos : Estimated Costs


A wedding is a joyous occasion which brings families together one of the most expensive parties you will ever throw.

Planning a wedding in Nigeria is no small feat, whether it’s a big or small celebration. Whether you are co-ordinating a wedding, assisting someone with wedding planning, or getting married yourself –  this article is tailored specifically for you. In large cities like Lagos, you have to consider the traffic, venue proximity, accommodation for out-of-town guests, reliable vendors, etc. There will be high and low moments throughout the planning process, so you have to go above and beyond to ensure that your plans are adequately taken care of. I’ve actually seen a bride cry over non-delivery of wedding programs!

Wedding plans can be quite hectic on the couple, hence it does make sense to enlist the services of an event planner or available family members. In the case of an event planner, this could be quite expensive as some of them demand 10% of your total budget or a flat fee of N100, 000 – N200, 000. Fine, if you can afford it –  but this large sum can go towards your honeymoon, while you stick to the basics and do the hard work yourself.

For a first time planner, ensure that you follow through on these necessary steps I’ve listed below:

Step one: Have a timeline for planning, let’s say 3-6 months before the wedding, last-minute planning causes chaos and mayhem, and is a big no-no!


Step two: Compile a vendors and wedding planning checklist. You can use my list below as a guide.

Step three: Chase chase chase our orders and ensure they are delivered on time.

Step four: Have a reasonable guest list; you don’t want the whole town showing up. Our estimated budget is for a 150 people.

Moving on, I looked into what planning a Lagos wedding would entail, and here’s a “pro-forma estimation” of a medium-scale, “not-dangote” wedding for approximately 150 guests.

Engagement/traditional ceremony

This is the first wedding carried out according to the traditional customs and tribe of the bride. It can be done anytime before the church wedding. Depending on your wallet, it can be a small gathering of both families, in the bride’s living room with the dowry and other necessities provided. A total of N200, 000 is estimated for attire, beads, schnapps, kola nuts, box of wrappers, food items, catering, etc.

Total = N200, 000   


There are so many diverse choices on sale right now, from platinum-silver-gold, be sure to invest in good wedding bands that won’t corrode. Plain gold wedding bands from Benkolgold go for around  N60, 000 each.

Total = N120, 000


Photo Credit: TK Designs


The next most important item on the list is the bridal gown, groom’s suit and shoes for the couple. It is not necessary to buy a new wedding dress; there are lots of top-notch bridal stores with lovely wedding dresses for hire for about N25, 000. A new bridal gown can be purchased for the sum of N50, 000 and above; most brides usually save on that for a custom-made reception dress worth N15, 000. Classic bridal shoes can be gotten for N12, 000.

For the groom, a wedding 3 piece suit can be custom-made for N30, 000, a very familiar hack is to tailor the vest to fit the bride’s reception dress, a fancy formal shoes goes for N15, 000.

Total = N97, 000 (N52, 000 + 45, 000)

Hair, Accessories & makeup

This includes bridal hair styling, manicure, bouquet, jewelry, and make-up. Hair and makeup is usually done by the same vendor, and some offer an all inclusive package of including the bride’s mother and maids. The groom’s hair cut, lapel pin, cuff links, wristwatch, pocket square is also included here as well.

Total = N40, 300  



It is always easier to ask friends for assistance on this, you can spend a small amount on car wash and fuel; this will only cost you N10, 000. Otherwise, you can rent two cars for both parties from Avis for $230.

Total = N10, 000


Ensure you choose a venue with close proximity to the church and residence; you do not want your guests getting stuck in traffic. Also, get an event centre with good acoustics, projector, and a standby generator. For an outdoor wedding, hire a marquee, March – October weddings are usually plagued with heavy downpours.

Total = N200, 000

Stationary and Invitation

All wedding stationary such as wedding cards, programs, menu, pens, etc, should cost about N15, 000 (the more you print, the cheaper it gets). Other electronic forms of invites like bulk sms and save-the-date E-invites will cost you N10, 000.

Total = N25, 000

Catering and Drinks

This includes the option of a buffet or waiter-served, depending on what you want, but caterers usually charge per plate. For a guest list of 150 people, at the rate of N1000/plate, this sum up to N150, 000. You can have appetizers and small chops for a total of N15, 000. Your drinks for the event could range from wine, juice, alcohol, water, cocktails and malt drinks, a total summation of that is N73, 000.

Total = N238, 000


A classic 3-tier wedding cake inclusive of 150 pieces of cup cakes at the rate of N100, in total is N65, 000


These small tokens of appreciation to your guests will cost you about N50, 000, for items such as gift bags with imprinted mugs, towels, note pads, etc.


Party decor

If you’re looking to get a fairy tale inspired wedding decor, be ready to spend a total of N150, 000.


This total cost comprises of an MC, DJ or Live band depending on your pick.

Total = N60, 000


This covers videography, photography, water-proof photo album, pre-wedding photo shoots, etc.

Total = N150, 000


This is 15% percent of the total budget which is set aside for extra expenses such as family attire, security, venue staff (N10, 000/usher) or emergencies

Total = N185, 300

Grand Total = N1, 590, 600

Obviously, there are lots of ways to cut costs by getting friends and family involved. It isn’t all about the money – the important think is to have a memorable day that you can both look back at with fond memories.

If you need any help, suggestions or you just want to share experiences while planning, just hit the comment section!


  • why Lagos….? _what about warri_😂

    hillary June 27, 2016 9:07 am
    • Hi Hilary,

      We’ve only featured Lagos because it’s one of the most popular cities in the country. A lot of the Lagos based vendors are online and we can cross check their prices.

      If you have any vendors in Warri who we can cross check prices online, we would be happy to feature them.

      mrpepe June 27, 2016 12:05 pm
  • Nice one, although I think you’ve underestimated the amount to be used for the traditional marriage. It defers per tribe and tradition.

    Sochi July 15, 2016 6:36 pm
    • Thanks for spotting that, Sochi. I do appreciate that tribes differ, but the figures offered denote the basic/bare minimum as guide for those who need help planning.

      mrpepe July 20, 2016 11:17 pm
  • I am planning a wedding with a non-Nigerian in June/July. We’re a matured couple, who will love elegance not opulence in our wedding. The most interesting part is the non-Nigerian is naturalising back to roots.

    The most interesting part of the union is Traditional Wedding after Civil or Court Wedding.

    We’re looking at 25guests maximum; What’s your best tips?

    Efefiong Akpan February 8, 2017 5:31 pm
    • Wow, Akpan – congratulations on your wedding first and foremost! Would you be holding it in Nigeria?

      My tips are:-
      – Keep your invites private and unceremonious
      – Get a small but well air-conditioned venue via
      – Outsource the catering to a professional , even though you might get offers from friends and family
      – If you’re having the traditional event in a village, also book a trip to see other places of interest so that the non-Nigerian doesn’t just see one part of the country. So perhaps the Obudu ranch for example
      – Enjoy yourselves!

      All the best

      Ethan Okoli February 11, 2017 10:22 am
  • Hi,good write up, I have enjoyed it and surely I will help me plan.

    We have scheduled q low I’d get July wedding, simple but classy, the n Lagos.qith will this recession I am scared alr easy, reception venue alone with is 400k no decors Yet! Could you help draw up a udder for 150 people?… Our additional plan was 200 but I think we are going to cut it down. We don’t need all the crowd. Expecting your response. Thanks

    Doyi April 11, 2017 4:43 am
  • Hi,good write up, I have enjoyed it and surely It will help me plan.

    We have scheduled s low budget July wedding, simple but classy, the in Lagos.with all this recession I am scared alr eady, reception venue alone is 400k no decors Yet! Could you help draw up a plan for 150 people?… Our initial plan was 200 but I think we are going to cut it down. We don’t need all the crowd. Expecting your response. Thanks

    Doyi April 11, 2017 4:47 am
  • thanks for sharing this it will help me plan

    faith June 16, 2017 2:44 am
  • Good job on the cost analysis. You all can contact me on to plan an affordable and memorable wedding.

    PEARL July 3, 2017 4:06 pm
  • Wow amazing details well explained. thank you and God bless you. my wedding is coming up in 3months october precisely and it would be in Port Harcourt. looking at a maximum of 200 persons pls hwta can u advise

    Praise July 10, 2017 3:21 pm
  • hi,my wedding is 3months away (October) and indeed your right up has been a guide line for me, except in the area of my wedding gown and my make up, most vendors are given me high prices could u be of help. my location is Ogba

    isi July 18, 2017 5:10 pm
  • hello, reading through the estimate guide was enlightening. I am planning a wedding for December in Delta state. Though I a want something a bit thrilling, I am very restricted by budget/limited funds.I got a hall(already paid half of 250k) of 800 capacity and would be cooking for 600 persons. Do u think am over-planning? Can I complete this wedding with 1million Naira without borrowing?
    please advice me as I hope to have a unique but low budget wedding.

    Godspower October 10, 2018 3:14 pm
  • Great Job Guys!!!

    Jane July 29, 2019 12:49 pm

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