How to withdraw from an ATM without your card

If for any reason you find yourself without your ATM bank card – perhaps it has been swallowed up by the machine, forgotten at home or worse still, stolen –  and you need some money urgently, Diamonbank’s magic cash service can help. This service which is exclusive to Diamondbank customers helps you withdraw cash using just your mobile phone – no need for a withdrawal slip or cheque book.

How to use the Magiccash service:

You will need to begin the registration process at your branch/by telephone before you can use the service at the ATM machine.

  • Register for the service in-branch, or by calling the Diamondbank contact centre on 0700-300-0000
  • Text ATM to 30811 from the registered mobile number maintained on your account to generate a six digit magic code
  • Now, go to any Diamond Bank ATM and select the Magic Cash option

At the ATM machine:

  • Enter your registered mobile number (including prefix +234)
  • Enter the six digit Magic Code you received on your registered mobile number
  • Create and confirm your Magic PIN (4 digits) and proceed to transact (you only need to create/setup the Magic PIN during the first transaction. For future transactions, you will just need to key it in.)

For enquiries, please call the Diamondbank Contact Centre on 0700-300-0000, send an SMS to 30811 or email them at


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